We Media 2006: Bold-Faced Names

Others we haven’t yet mentioned who were spotted at the conf:

Tom Glocer, head of Reuters (who’s, unusually, an American) chatting amicably in the halls after saying Reuters was made for this world of instantaneous electronic communication. “Reuters was always born for an online world. We’ve always been on a 24×7 cycle, so some of the struggles of newspapers” deciding whether to hold a story or scoop itself on the Web don’t apply

Dale Peskin, one of the four people who do the work that brings this thing together. Amazing what four people and a big lever can do. Running around indefatigably.

Danny Schechter of MediaChannel.org, as always asking provocative questions.

Scott Heiferman, co-founder and CEO of Meetup.com, whose usual workplace is down the road a bit from us in NY. On his way to Paris after this for dinner. Rough.

New York-based Chris Ahearn who runs a lot of Reuters’ digital media from the business side and says it’s NOT about walled gardens any more. If, say, the Guardian has a good story to tell users about it on Reuters and not worry about them as competition. A lot of media companies think, “‘I put up a box, it’s all about my brand,'” he said, “Bullshit.”

Azhar Rafee, who formerly helped Ahearn lead the charge for Reuters online in the U.S., now Hong Kong-based and trying to build the business for Reuters there and who showed us when we for the first time in multiple conversations weren’t talking business that his interests go well beyond business.

The indefatigable Katie King of The Center for Public Integrity, which is all about “investigative journalism in the public interest.”

Others we’re neglecting to mention for which we apologize.

Also worth mentioning the great folks at the mediabistro party in London on Wednesday night, including Il Giorno correspondent Deborah Bonetti (above right), volunteer hostess supreme and freelance writer Meredith, photographer Ola (above left), Kevin who does PR for Elton John’s AIDS foundation (last names of all forgotten at moment — apologies) and other volunteers who showed up at a Soho bar, then took us to Japanese dinner and then a mojito at the media-centric Soho House (less posh than the New York one, surprisingly, but just as much a club), before we started get shaky from cigarette smoke, jet lag and lack of sleep and begged off despite the 250 pound rugby player giving a bear hug trying to convince us to stay.

And we’e valready mentioned David Sifry of Technorati.com, but he gave us our other favorite joking quote of the day today, taking the piss (as the British would say) out of this whole “we media” idea: “We need each other and we’re all each other. Kumbaya.”

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