We Love The New York Sun

0907cruising.jpgEvery once in a while, the New York Sun redeems itself with an article that in all its randomness, is kind of great. Take this recent piece from film critic Grady Hendrix…. celebrating the 27th anniversary of Al Pacino‘s Cruising:

Celebrating the 27th anniversary of William Friedkin’s “Cruising” feels like celebrating the day after your son joins a cult. It’s a weird date to pick to celebrate something that doesn’t automatically put you in a jubilant mood. This year also sees the 27th anniversary of many movies that don’t feature public sex, poppers, slings, and extreme nipple tweaking, but Warner Home Video has chosen instead to re-release a newly restored print of “Cruising” followed by a special edition DVD. “Cruising” tanked at the box office and it’s generally regarded as politically insensitive trash, remembered mostly because it’s where horrified teenaged boys first discovered exactly what an adult male could do, given enough Crisco.