We Like It Raw


Curbed LA reports that Cafe Gratitude is coming down from the Bay Area to SoCal. Raw food eaters will be thrilled down to their hairy toes, and the rest of us can spent happy hours mocking the menu:

I AM HAPPY live hummus–Sprouted almond-sesame
hummus with assorted live crackers

I AM PRESENT cheese & fruit–Soft cashew
cheese of the day served with apples or grapes, olive tapenade, assorted live crackers and toast

I AM NAUSEOUS Oxtail Raviolis Poached in the Bouillon with Duck feet, Serrano Chiles, Tapioca pearls and a Chestnut Puree

I AM BELLICOSE Venison Tartar Scented with Yuzu, Ginger, Fresh Horseradish Served with a Wasabi Soy Sauce Coulis, Celery Root Relish

I AM MAGICAL stuffed mushrooms–Six cremini mushrooms stuffed with sprouted sunflower seed-walnut pate, sprinkled with Brazil nut parmesan

I AM FLATULENT Cranberry Bean Salad of Confit duck hearts and confit of duck gizzards Black Truffle oil vinaigrette and Xeres Vinegar

They say:

Our food and people are a celebration of our aliveness.

FBLA wonders what “I AM ILLITERATE” tastes like.