We Know What You’re Doing This Summer

Stop Making Sense is the name of this year’s Project M, the most important design program in the world. Five young creatives will be chosen to live and work in Belfast, Maine for the month of June under the creative direction of Bielenberg, Chantry, Sagmeister, Koval, Carabetta, Mabry and many, many others. The goal is simple: use design to change the world.

You’ll also learn to think wrong, using the design methodology developed by Bielenberg, which helps your brain generate alternative ideas and solutions. Trust us, this is something big. And Bielenberg? He’s rad.

In 2003, Project M wrote this book. In 2004 they traveled to Costa Rica. In 2005 they drove a converted ambulance from Maine to New Orleans.

Submissions accepted until April 15. Download everything at www.bielenberg.com.