We Know What Makes Ben Rubin Tick


We came all the way to NYC, straight from Austin, to catch the opening of Ben Rubin’s new show. “A Ticking Sound” is the first solo exhibition for the artist-designer, whose tech-centered work visually captivates and intellectually stimulates. Rubin couldn’t have been nicer, explaining to us for probably the thousandth time that night that one thousand dreams culled from blogs made up the words scrolling across six displays like text messages from the subconscious. When he was discussing a piece that prominently features a can of Campbell’s soup, he revealed that a David Krasnow segment about Andy Warhol was the inspiration, to the delight of a “Studio 360” staffer nearby.

Spotted in the warm orange glow of a Time magazine cover of oil fires in Iraq, scanned line by line, were Adobe Think Tank editors Alice Twemlow and David Womack. And we hear we just missed UnBeige editor emeritus Eva Hagberg.

At Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery until May 26.