We Knew Papers Couldn’t be Trusted at the Oscars

For the cynical bunch in PR and media (present company included), there was a fleeting thought that the best movie of 2013 would post a pothole as wide as Hollywood and Highland for headline writers who think that’s the time to break out a new comedy series on that funniest of topics — slavery. Because nothing says fun-and-yuks like millions of oppressed people for the sake of lazy rednecks, cheap labor and a civil war.

Yet here it is, and many more after the jump…


Yes folks, talk about a shot of gloriously … awful PR to boost circulation for the Daily Breeze. This community rag in Torrence, Calif. posted that gem on its front page the Monday after the Oscars. (Ironic, the name of the paper is entitled Breeze because that fart-and-fall-down moment reeks of ass. Now that’s comedy.)

Anywho, fortunately for the publishers of said flatulent paper, they weren’t the only one who thought 12 Years a Slave would be a great opportunity to cash in the funnies.

The East Central Illinois News-Gazette didn’t want to be the only community publication without the giggles:

denver post slave

Here’s the Denver Post. Someone was dipping into the bong drawer, me thinks:

more slavery

And then Hollywood press Variety just was asleep at the wheel and wishing now that Jesus would have taken it away from this writer:


I don’t speak for everyone at PR Newser, but I adore a great headline — puns, word play, calling someone out. Keep it slightly classy and you will have me at the 48″ typeset. We have been known to call out the print folks who carry the funny a skosh over the edge (see here and here), but these headlines take it to a whole new level of WTF.