We (Heart) LAT Tech Geeks

buchheit1.jpgThe PR department at the L.A. Times just sent us an e-mail (see below) promoting the Business Section’s new blog — as if we needed the introduction!

We have already become addicted to the musings and findings of Alex Pham, Chris Gaither, Joseph Menn, Michelle Quinn and Jessica Guynn.

From schadenfreude (or to use a newspaper term “breaking news”) about Henry Nicholas’ indictment to that YouTube-as-marketing-tool issue we told you about yesterday, Technology never seemed so … digestible. (We were going to say “cool,” but then we’d lose our spot in the Mean Girls clique.)

Just wanted you to be aware that the Los Angeles Times Business Section’s intrepid team of Technology reporters have gone “web” first into a new feat — a brand new blog that lets them share all the cool details, notes and nuggets of interesting info they pick up in their reporting but never make it into print with readers.

In fact, the Technology section is now online first in focus! There’s already an amazing archive of some really interesting content, so check it out!