We Have Forgotten Just About Everything Useful About the Vietnam War…Acts of Piracy for Example

(Alvin Glatkowski – circa 1960’s)

Eric Longabardi
at The Enterprise Report, has a good one. Attorney General Eric Holder recently stated that the there hasn’t been an act of piracy against an American ship ‘in 100 years’.
Not so.
From Amazon:

“The Eagle Mutiny” is the very real life story of two merchant seaman, Clyde McKay, and Alvin Glatkowski. These two individuals are merchant seaman on the merchant ship, “S.S. Columbia Eagle” which sets sail for Vietnam with a hull full of napalm bombs under contract for the U.S. Air Force.
Glatkowski and McKay are both disenchanted with the Vietnam war effort and suddenly see themselves as self-ordained revolutionaries. They decide to mutiny, and subsequently hijack the ship making it’s captain change course to Cambodia. Their dreams of being paraded through Hanoi as “the peoples heroes” are soon deluged with hard core reality.

Written by Richard Linnett and Roberto Loiederman (who lives in the Valley we’re told). TEM came out in the summer of 2001. So…ahem…the hijacking story…just well…uh, yeah.
Ooh. Wonky fun. Good cocktail conversation. Nice catch, Eric!
UPDATE: It has been brought to our attention that piracy has to technically be a ‘nonstate actor’ so a merchant seaman would be a mutiny. Which makes Holder correct and us lacking a decent maritime education. The land-lubbers we be….
UPDATE FROM THE UPDATE: Longabardi sent us this:

A person who specifically plans (as the two columbia eagle guys did) .. to hijack a ship and goes on board for that purpose could be charged with piracy .. although these two were ‘crewmembers’ per se .. they planned the hijacking in advance and smuggled guns on board to do it.

We’re getting seasick…

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