‘We have been abandoned by our own country’

russert_tim46.jpgWe suppose it was only a matter of time before Tim Russert–rumored by everyone but Arianna Huffington to be the toughest interviewer on the Sunday talk show circuit–made a grown man cry on “Meet the Press.”

Everyone’s talking about Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard‘s appearance on the Sunday show, in which he, speaking through tears, gave a scathing critic of the federal response to Hurricane Katrina and told a heart-wrenching story of one woman’s tragic end.

[Video here.]

We’d love to find out what was going through Russert’s head as he watched Broussard’s emotional breakdown. Given how eager Russert seemed to interrupt Broussard and move on to Gov. Haley Barbour, it’s clear Russert didn’t anticipate that what he was witnessing would become one of Meet’s most widely circulated clip of the year.

As for memoribility, it’s perhaps only eclipsed by Senator Mary Landrieu‘s desire to punch the President as heard on ABC’s “This Week.”