We Have A Winner!

mblogo.jpgSports historians have told us that the sort of ass-whooping dealt to Duke in the 1990 NCAA Championship Game by UNLV (103-73) would never be repeated, much less topped.

But we stopped listening to sports geeks after they promised us that Barry Bonds was running only on pure skillz, baby.

Because last night, we witnessed a trumping of the highest sort: In the final match of FishbowlDC’s First Annual Pundit March Madness, Charles Krauthammer laid the smackdown on Howard Fineman, besting him 135-40. (insert “Not-so-Fineman” joke here).

Our congratulations to the contest’s winner, Bill Holland, associate editor of Platts Gas Daily. For his deep knowledge of political punditry, the good folks at FishbowlDC’s mothership–mediabistro–award Holland a free one-year membership to mediabistro’s AvantGuild . Holland gets access to a wealth of content, including articles on How to Pitch and Pitching an Agent, and other insider information like our salary survey, industry editorial calendars, transcripts of semars and panels, class discounts and a personal homepage. He also get disounts on health, dental and auto insurance, tax services and books, as well as complete access to our media insider community.

Who could ask for anything more? Thanks to all for participating and we’ll see you at the same bat time, same bat place next year.