We Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Cell Phones

CNET reports on a survey done by Pew Internet on cell phone owner’s views about cell phones. Ninety-one percent of the people surveyed said that they feel safer owning a cell phone, while 42% said that they get irritated when a call or text message on the phone interrupts them. A whopping 86% responded that they felt it rude when people interrupt conversations or meetings to check their cell phones. In my opinion the survey shows a typical response of “do as I say” not “do as I do.” We get quickly irritated by someone else using their phone, but their own phone doesn’t irritate them.

I also found the last question in the survey, which CNET didn’t write about, interesting. Only 39% of the people said that they when they are bored they use their cell phone to entertain themselves. Given the success that iPhone and Android apps have, I would expect that number to be higher, however it probably reflects a low ownership of smartphones amongst those who where surveyed.