We Drove Over to Ask ‘What’s the Deal?’

Following up on Alissa’s post yesterday about the new Pixar movie,
Cars, we drove by the first billboard we’ve seen for the film
today and were so taken aback by it that we had to pull over and take a photo. Because, really, what’s with the names there in the corner?
Usually, big name films like this, with marketing budgets equal to the expense of making the actual movie, have it pretty together and
everything, while often bland, is relatively flawless, but this looks
like the designers finished the billboard, it was already at the printers, and then someone said, “Ooh, you know what? We should have the names of the stars on there somewhere.” And so someone quickly just threw them on there in the corner. There’s absolutely no symmetry or anything comfortable about they layout with the names on there at all. It’s just…strange. Then again, maybe it’s just us.