We Don’t Like To Cut But We Do Like To Paste, So We’ll Like Half Of The Cut & Paste


We’re pretty hip, you know, so we get both LVHRD and Flavorpill announcements. Because, you know, giving the internet your email address is really on the edge. And it’s only because we put so much stock in each of them that we read both, religiously, when they appear in our inbox every so often. And today was a moment of synchronicity. First the former came in with a mention of this weekend’s Cut & Paste competition, then the latter. So we had to check it out. And it looks awesome. This Saturday, according to Cut&Paste,

eight contestants will go head to head in an elimination tournament where they will have 15 minutes to produce a design that best exemplifies a theme, with the materials and tools provided

November 19, 10pm, MI-5, $10 general admission, $5 with RSVP.