We Are Rolling

Gearing up for what should be quite a scene tonight over at Rolling Stone‘s 1000th issue party. And, sure, we’ve all heard about their $1 million 3-D cover, the Strokes maybe or maybe not getting hosed on their booking price to play the party, and Jann Wenner‘s well-documented micromanagerialisms, he the George Steinbrenner of men’s magazines. And we’ve certainly heard alot about how the magazine is no longer relevant, how they’ve lost touch with both music and politics, how it was “so much better in the ’70s, maaaan.”

And maybe all of that is true. And, to be honest, we rarely read the magazine anymore — unless it happens to be in front of us while we’re waiting for our name to be called — despite our love of music being stronger than ever. One of the main problems is their archaic Web site &#151 though Wenner, like most publishers, has said he’s been putting more cash in the online tin.

But, it’s still Rolling Frikkin Stone. That’s how much of an iconic reputation they’ve assembled over the years. All it takes is a couple great issues, and we’ll pay attention again.