WCP Writer’s Virginity On Display at Capital Fringe

Washington City Paper contributor Derek Hills doesn’t want your sex… or does he? Sometimes yes means no, so maybe that means he says he does but he really doesn’t?

Maybe he should just say no, instead of yes to clear up all this confusion. We have no idea really, but we think you can find out for us at his one-man Capital Fringe show, No Sex, Please.

We touched briefly on Hills and his foray into 20-something virginity when he wrote an essay about it a while back for WCP, but he’s since had two performances and it seems audiences are liking what they see. From a DC Metro Theatre Arts review: “Derek Hill’s vulnerability left me breathless. His humor had me laughing and wincing in all the right moments.”

Yeah, it’s something to admit you were once a 28-year-old virgin. But whether that’s vulnerability or just insanity is an open question. There are just three performances left. Get tickets here.

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