WCP Assesses WaPo: Was the Jet to LAX Worth it?

WCP‘s Benjamin Freed took a fine tooth comb today to the subject of whether WaPo got its money’s worth by sending three scribes cross-country to the Oscars. They included Reliable Source’s Amy Argetsinger, Jen Cheney of the Celebritology blog and Dan Zak, a feature writer. All in all, seven writers covered the Oscars, three on the road, four at home.

Assessment of Argetsinger:

She landed the expected A1 story that “The King’s Speech” won best picture and tweeted her way through the glam party weekend. But WCP went on to compare her coverage with that of WaPo‘s Hank Steuver, who covered the event from Washington: “[She] went 3,000 miles to write essentially the same story as someone who watched the Oscars on TV (Steuver) and cover Graydon Carter’s annual tribute to himself. Not quite worth the airfare, or even a cross-country Greyhound. Our assessment for Argetsinger: Hitchhiking.”

Assessment of Zak and Cheney: Both worthy of plane tickets from DCA to LAX.

It must be noted that WCP sought fit to have Freed in Washington tweeting away for the Oscars, including a “suck dick” remark on award winner Aaron Sorkin that we ran Monday. Argetsinger had no comment for FishbowlDC on this matter.

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