WCBS-TV’s Otis Livingston Hosting NCAA Tournament Wrap-Up Show is ‘A Great Opportunity’

March Madness is well underway. For sports fanatics, it’s not just a bridge from Spring Training to Opening Day; it’s a passion in its own right.

Of course, those NCAA Tournament brackets don’t hurt either. 

This year, CBS Sports is teaming up with Turner to provide non-stop coverage on cable outlets TNT, TBS, and truTV.

Also started this year is a wrap-up show following the late news on CBS “owned and operated” 13 stations.

The five-minute highlight intensive show, done only on a trial basis three times last week, was hosted by WCBS-TV sports anchor Otis Livingston.

“It was a great opportunity. It was a lot of fun,” Livingston says.

It’s not the first time Livingston is getting national exposure. While at WNBC, he did some work for the network, including the Olympics and weekend sports updates.

Livingston was delighted to get showcased with a larger audience, albeit brief, for the first time since joining WCBS in 2009.

“My mom got to see me in L.A. I have some family members, friends who had the opportunity to see me all over the country.” 

Livingston, who anchored the highlight package on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, received some praise from the CBS brass.

“They’ve got nothing but excited stations across the country that were very happy with what they saw,” Livingston says.

He points out that the client Verizon was “very complimentary toward what we did.”

Livingston isn’t just on the receiving end when it comes to praise; he was quick to dish it out for his colleagues.

“Our guys behind the scenes in the WCBS sports department did a great job, like we always do,” Livingston says. “…We take a lot of pride in what we do.”

And Livingston knows it’s special being part of the annual college basketball spectacle.  

“Everybody’s talking about the pools, the brackets,” Livingston says. “To have a small part in presenting that, and sharing that with our viewers not just here in New York, but …around the country, was an honor.”