WCBS-FM Closes Number Two Gap in November Ratings

WLTW/Lite FM is back at number one, although it never left. The overall November Arbitron ratings for ages 6+ have the Clear Channel juggernaut at 6.0, up from 5.7 in October.

WCBS-FM continues hot on Lite’s trail. The consistent number two player in the radio wars has narrowed the deficit to .3. In recent months the Classic Hits station was within .4 and .5 of WLTW.

“While it was bad for the New York Yankees not making the playoffs, it did help our ratings on CBS-FM with our biggest gains from 3 p.m. and midnight,” Program director Brian Thomas tells FishbowlNY.

Those gains led CBS-FM to the top spot among three vital demographics: Adults 25 to 54, 35 to 64, and Men 18+ for the 7 p.m. to midnight show hosted by Ron Parker.

“Twenty-five to 54 is the bible for us,” Parker tells FishbowlNY.

Parker, who joined WCBS-FM following the Jack-FM fiasco in 2007, is humbled by his employment.

“I appreciate Brian and the CBS management team for letting me come on the radio every night and having fun,” Parker says.

But Parker keeps a special place for his loyal listeners.

“They mean a lot,” Parker admits. “It’s the fans that let me bounce off of them…and every once in a while I get to reward them with some great prizes.”

As close to number one as CBS-FM got in the 6+ demo, the station is tops among 12+.

“November is the 35th book in a row that CBS-FM has been in the Top 2 ratings and we have been fortunate enough to have reached number one three times in the last two years in this very competitive New York market,” Thomas says.