WBBM May Face Congressional Scrutiny For Misleading Video Of 4-Year-Old Boy

U.S. Rep. Bobby L. Rush of Illinois has “directed his staff to investigate” an incident where Chicago-based WBBM edited the words of a 4-year-old boy out of context to make him seem like a criminal.

The video was part of a news clip about a shooting in Chicago. The interviewer asked a nearby four-year-old boy whether all the shooting frightened him; the boy answered “I’m not scared of nothin….I’m gonna have me a gun.” The clip was cut to hide the fact that the kid also said “I’m gonna be the police.”

Rep. Rush’s communications director said that Rush “is very, very disturbed about it. I know he feels it’s not enough to say it was just a mistake because there’s no such thing as just a mistake when you impact the life of a young child.” The communications director, Renee Ferguson, said she was directed to contact the station; based on the information she gets from the station Rush may call for a congressional hearing.

(Via Maynard Institute)