Waze Social GPS Navigation App for iOS Provides Voice Alerts for Hazards & Heavy Traffic

Have you ever been stuck in a horrendous traffic jam and not know why? In my experience tuning in to local radio stations rarely clears up the mystery. A quick check of Twitter might help. But, if you have traffic laws that prohibit fiddling with gadgets while driving, that is not an option. However, Waze, a free iPhone app which can crowdsource its users information can issue voice alerts for hazards and heavy traffic. It also has a voice recording feature to let you contribute traffic related information.

Waze – Social GPS Navigation, Traffic & Road Reports

Waze, like other social network services, requires you to create an account and login. So, it may take a minute or two to get set up and oriented. But, it seems like a potentially useful service. So, I’m going take those few minutes to create an account and try it out.

Via TheNextWeb: Waze launches real-time voice alerts to help drivers avoid hazardous roads