Wayzon: The Always-Open Community

Ever wish you could get an answer to that pressing question at two o’clock in the morning? Sure you could post a question on Yahoo! Answers, but you have no guarantee that anyone will answer your question quickly – let alone at all. And if someone does answer, there’s no telling if they are an expert. Heck, you might not even have a question but want to shoot the breeze on your favorite sports team which just swept the series.
This is where The Wayzon Project comes in.

A private online community, Wayzon aims to create a virtual atmosphere that is ‘always on.’ While the site has a ways to go to build up a user base, the goal is admirable: manufacture virtual-based (moderated) communities that connect people by interests. The more interests you have, the greater the number of people you can interact with.

There are only several topics available at this time, but if you see something you like added, you can contact the creator.

The beta version of the site includes an interactive interface called ‘visual mode.’ This feature allows registered users to see others who share a common interest.

The Web is 24/7 and Wayzon hopes to give it a voice. Sometimes, the best ideas, discussions and interactions occur when and where you least expect them. Wayzon might be the place to make them happen.