Waylon Smithers Outed by Tony Pierce: GLAAD Not So Glad

Tony Pierce, over at LAist, scores some mighty strong points against GLAAD’s 11th Annual Study on how many gay characters are on TV. Or whatever the real name is. Official reckoning: Not Enough. (If you’re gay and on a reality show, you’re as nothing to GLAAD–only the fictional matter.)

But his recounting of their head count comes at a heavy price. Tony has outed Waylon Smithers. Here’s the goods, in his own words:

Colorful pie charts and detailed lists that complain that there are only two gay lead characters on broadcast tv (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW and MyNetworkTV), just seven supporting characters and a mere 5 recurring roles, blatantly miss the fact that Mr. Burns’ right hand man couldn’t be more light in the loafers.

Tony’s research skills are dazzling–he could teach some Drawn Gay: Sexual Identity and Animation class somewhere– and his conclusion is inescapable. News sites have picked up the story, and the rest is history.

FBLA wants to know why Charlie on Numb3rs didn’t count.