WaTunes Facebook App Targets Indie Musicians

WaTunes gets it. WaTunes knows what it’s like to play a show in a dingy bar at 1.30 in the morning to ten people, sell a single CD and then go to pool the band’s earnings enough so that two hamburgers can be split six ways. WaTunes knows that the life of an indie band depends on making enough money to keep going on; that passion alone isn’t always enough. And that’s why WaTunes’ new business strategy is focusing on gaining the goodwill of unsigned artists.

The Facebook music store has unveiled a plan that will see indie band’s being able to gain wider exposure by sharing their album and song releases through the official WaTunes wall. Once posted, full indie albums and tracks can be purchased through the artist’s Facebook pages or, potentially, become featured in the WaTunes’ Staff Picks section of the service.

It’s a smart plan that equally benefits both WaTunes and indie artists. Bands receive the recognition and the income boost they need while the platform itself gains in brand awareness and user activity.

WaTunes is a Facebook music store that currently hosts over 10 million songs, all available for purchase and download from within the social network itself and ready to be shared across multiple web platforms (like Gmail, Twitter, Yahoo! and more). The service has licensed music from major record labels (like Sony Music, Warner Music, EMI Music and Universal Music) alongside indies (including ReverbNation, IODA and more).

Visit the WaTunes Facebook page or take a look at the official blog to learn more.