Wattpad Users Uploaded 10,000 Stories in the Last 12 Hours

After receiving a massive round of new funding, the writing community Wattpad revealed that the site now counts five million uploaded stories and eight million monthly users.

The site published the infographic embedded above, showing some of that growth in January. Wattpad CEO Allen Lau shared some more user stats on the company’s homepage. Here’s an excerpt:

Just search for “Wattpad story trailers” on YouTube to see what I mean about creativity. People are more than consumers, they are inherently producers. Today we’re excited to announce our new round of funding led by Khosla Ventures and to take this opportunity to share more news on what’s been happening with our community along with some thoughts on the future. We have users writing interactive stories, building audiences of tens of thousands of fans, and seeing tens of millions of reads of their stories. Some have signed big book deals, or optioned their work for TV. Here’s my favourite example: a traditional publishing house like Penguin published 5000 books in the last 12 months, while Wattpad users uploaded 10,000 stories in just the last 12 hours! We have something for everyone – every sub-genre and every specialized interest.