Wattpad Teams Up with Lulu

Wattpad, the Toronto-based eBook-publishing social network, which recently completed a round of funding, today announced a partnership with Lulu, the self-publishing and printing company, to create a branded Wattpad store on Lulu.com. Click here to check out what they’re officially calling “The Wattpad Marketplace on Lulu.com.”

According to Allen Lau, Wattpad’s CEO, “This year the number of titles published on Wattpad will exceed that of traditional publishing as a whole. This partnership will bring the authors of these 300,000 titles an opportunity to monetize their work.”

Well, sure, of course there are more self-published titles than normally published books. Now there will be even more POD versions of these titles than ever before. Nonetheless, a move in the direction of greater openness.

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