Wattpad Sees 50% Member Increase In Q3

Wattpad has released their Q3 2010 Global ebook Metrics report. The report looks at how members are reading on Wattpad and compares mobile devices against and desktop usage of readers in more than 160 countries.

Wattpad users are using their smartphones and tablets to read. The study found that 50% of readers in the U.S. are accessing the site through an iPhone, iPod or iPad.

The site is also attracting a young and feminine audience with 90 percent of traffic coming from women under the age of 25. In addition, the site is attracting more readers in general. Wattpad co-founder/CEO Allen Lau told Phones Review UK: “The number of users on Wattpad has increased over fifty percent in the last quarter, making this our most thorough examination of eBook consumption habits to date.”

Via Phones Review UK.

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