Top 10 Sweetest Watermelon Videos

This week an adorable video of a baby eating a watermelon from inside the melon went viral and it inspired us to put together a list of the top 10 sweetest watermelon videos on YouTube. August is almost here, and what’s more refreshing than a watermelon in this sweltering summer heat? So grab a big slice and get ready to see some of the greatest YouTube watermelon videos of all time!

Baby eating Watermelon

Have you seen this yet? This video of a baby eating a watermelon has really taken off this week with over 1 million views so far. If there were a watermelon big enough I would love to hop inside for a nice, cool, refreshing snack. It’s like a million degrees outside!

Watermelon Nights – The Meth Minute 39

I am a self-proclaimed stop motion animation fanatic and I love watermelon too, so its no surprise that I think this following clip is one of the best videos ever. “Watermelon Nights are here, so sing along!”

Kitten vs. Watermelon

With more than 4.5 million views, this is the most popular watermelon clip on YouTube. However, I’ve got a feeling that it is more popular because of the kitten than because of the watermelon.

Rotting watermelon

While I definitely wouldn’t call this video sweet or refreshing, how awesome is time lapse? This video was shot over the span of nine days. If you are eating watermelon right now, you may want to finish it before you watch this.

Most Watermelons Smashed with the Head

This unbelievable video features Leonardo D’Andrea from Italy breaking the world record for the most watermelons smashed with the head. He smashes 22 watermelons with his head in one minute. Embedding has been disabled for this video, but you can click to watch it here. Would you smash a watermelon with your head?

High Speed Video of Watermelon Exploding

It’s always cool to watch stuff explode, and this video of a watermelon exploding doesn’t disappoint. Embedding has also been disabled for this video, so click to watch it here.

Alligator and the Watermelon Heads

I like this video because of the alligator destroying the watermelons. I’m not sure how I feel about what happens after that. I’m not sure whether it makes me want to laugh or cry. That being said, the alligator destroying the watermelons part is awesome.

High speed watermelon peeling

I didn’t know that it was even possible to peel a watermelon, let alone this fast!

Don’t touch my melon!

This little meerkat is very possessive of his watermelon. Someone needs to teach him how to share.

Pets Love Watermelon

Meerkats aren’t the only animals that seem to really like watermelon. Pets love watermelon too. So our number 10 spot is dedicated to watermelon-loving pets. Check out the three videos below, which show just how much cats, dogs and even guinea pigs love watermelon. And while you watch that, I’m going to go buy myself a watermelon, because putting this list together has made me hungry!

Kitty with a Watermelon Addiction

Gus likes watermelon

Guinea Pigs Eating Watermelon