Watercooler’s Facebook Applications Drawing Passionate Baseball Fans During World Series

As the World Series kicked off last night with a 3-2 win by Philadelphia over Tampa Bay, thousands of Phillies and Rays fans were congregating inside Facebook applications rooting their teams on.

Watercooler, the largest developer of Facebook applications for sports fans, has created applications that allow users to connect with fellow fans, send “smack talk” to friends, and play fan games inside Facebook. Users can also prominently display their fan activity for their favorite teams on their Facebook profile so that everyone knows who they are rooting for. Collectively, the company has created applications for fans of over 700 sports teams around the world. (Full disclosure: I work with the company.)

How does the on the field competition compare to the fan race on Facebook? As of today, the 125,000 monthly active users of Watercooler’s Philadelphia Phillies Fans application are dwarfing users of the Tamba Bay Rays Fans application by a large margin. If the teams’ fan following on Facebook is any indication of what may happen on the field, it looks like Tampa Bay may be in for a short series!