Watchmen Facebook Application Sees Heroic Growth

Plan on seeing Watchmen tomorrow (or even tonight)? Be sure to update your Facebook status accordingly. Don’t have any good ideas on what to say about the latest comic flick? The Watchmen app can help you out. Right now the Watchmen Facebook application is one of the fastest growing on the social network, and it’s no wonder, given the amount of hype surrounding the Watchmen movie in the past few weeks.
The Watchmen Facebook application is quite simple: there’s a drop down box that displays a slew of status options related to the movie, from “Kristen is society’s only protection” to “Kristen is living in America in 1985 with the Watchmen.” Choose one and roll with it. The modified status update will appear on your profile, and show on your friends’ news feeds. If you’re a fan of the movie or the comic, then you might enjoy this little application.

One good thing about this app is that it’s designed to work both before and after the movie premier. So you can change your status to read that you’re going to the Watchmen premier, or that you’re currently watching the film. Another good (or bad) thing about this application is that it’s not blatant marketing. There’s no linking back to the Watchmen application, or even any indication that the update was posted via a third party app at all. But what this app does do is encourage conversation around the movie. Seconds after I changed my status via the Watchmen app I had Facebook friends commenting on my update.
There’s little way in which the studio behind Watchmen could benefit from such engagement, but perhaps the upcoming changes Facebook announced to user home pages and news feeds could better enable brands to interact with users related to such an app. And with some of the changes being made to Facebook’s pages, a brand may even be able to take advantage of this type of an application even if the brand isn’t the creator or owner of that application.
Depending on the level of integration for Facebook status updates, other applications could attempt to build on the success of CNN‘s partnership with Facebook. So given all the modifications Facebook is making to its network, we’ll see how many similar apps like Watchmen’s can come through and see a level of success.
If you plan on seeing the movie Watchmen, go install the Watchmen application.