Watching Dilbert’s Scott Adams Work So We Don’t Have To


Honestly, what is being done this week? That’s the problem with mid-week holidays: every second of every day leading up to it feels like it’s 4:45 on a Friday afternoon. That in mind, we’re posting something by way of John Nack that’s interesting and fun, but probably wouldn’t hold up in court as being breaking news. It’s a funny little piece put together by Dilbert creator Scott Adams of what his average day is like, complete with snapshots of things like him working and other things like him hugging his cat and eating a banana. It’s got some nice inside knowledge of how a working, absurdly successful cartoonist works and definitely feeds that “ooh, so there’s what someone’s office looks like” need that we all have. So, in the end, pressing: no? Worth a click and a read: certainly. Have a nice holiday.