Watch the Broad Museum Get Built in Real Time

Remember the agonizing slowness between 2008 and 2010 when first the Broad Museum in LA was hunting for a city to call home, sparking a PR war between four Los Angeles suburbs? And then the long wait in learning who would get the commission to design the art collecting billionaire’s new digs? Finally this past January, after all that waiting, we were able to see Diller Scofido + Renfro‘s plans unveiled. However, even though we’re now done with all that very slow slog, if for some reason, perhaps because you’re a masochistic, you’ve found that you’re missing all that waiting, we have just the link for you. Construction began on the museum last month and now the project has hoisted up a webcam across the street, allowing you to check in on the process of watching the Broad get built. There’s the live cam, which checks in every few seconds, as well as the time-lapse cam, which takes a higher-definition photo every 15 minutes (should you need a burst of excitement, you can watch a time-lapse of the progress thus far through that camera). As the new museum isn’t set to open until 2013, you’ll have lots of opportunities to revel in yet another laborious process with this project.