Watch the Box: Radar Ent. Development Slate


Radar Entertainment, the producers of Jury Duty, have a whole slate of strike-proof shows in development for next fall. One of these is a viable idea:

Star Witness–companion show to Jury Duty; this show features legal analyst Rikki Kliemen who sorts out opposing litigants with the help of a celebrity star witness.

But the rest aren’t so much strike-proof as idiot proof. Proof that development executives think the audience are idiots.

A Pound of Paula Paula Poundstone and her celebrity guests express their opinions on everyday life. Maybe a pinch of Paula.

Practical Princess Actress/model/nobody Catherine Oxenberg empowers her audience.

Teen Talk with India Oxenberg–daily half-hour targeting female teens. It’s a segment, not a show, see above.

Forever Hold Your Peace Mark DeCarlo offers his unique advice on starting or breaking up relationships. With a title like that, how can it miss?

Motivate & Enlighten with Johnny Wimbrey Author and motivational speaker shows viewers how to overcome adversity and find the positive in life, by using the remote.

In Your Face with Bo Dietl Talker dealing with real issues hosted by detective, security expert, author, actor and entrepreneur. Maybe, since Dog was canceled.

Relative Justice Judge Mark Evans and his wife, Judge Elizabeth Coker preside over this court show. Not tonight, honey.

Big Apple Justice udge and author Edwin Torres presides in this court show. I got yer Big Apple right here, paly.

Shrink Rap Stacy Kaiser hosts and offers life tools for love and happiness. Name that tune!

Godfrey Live Daily 30m show for late night featuring edgy talk and sketch comedy hosted by comedian Godfrey.
You know– that 7Up guy.