Watch the Box: Birth, Death and Golf


Discovery Health introduces a new six-episode docu-soap series, Deliver Me about three female OB/GYNs who are up to their elbows in placenta all day long.

Marie Osmond will host a new entertainment/lifestyle talk show for women for syndication in fall 2009. For the “circling the drain” audience.

GSN has ordered 40 eps of Bingo America, hosted by Patrick Duffy. Viewers can play along at home. Just shoot us, now.

Crash, the film about a segregated city of angry racists, will be a TV series, if Starz has its way. Starz HQ is located in Englewood, Colorado, so naturally Crash appealed to the VP of Programming, Stephan Shelanski, who reportedly was dismayed to learn it wasn’t a documentary. No doubt he had a reality show in mind.

Golf Channel will follow young pro golfers as they learn from one of Tiger Wood’s coaches in Hilton Head 101.

Call your cable provider to demand FBLA’s new channel:

Drying Paint TV

(Image from Pupster)