Watch Out: There’s a New Soup Feature in Town

In a nod to the 1950s, for the past two weeks Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace has been giving shameless shout-outs to the soups that his wife, Lorraine, makes for him from scratch on Sundays. Hungryman Wallace has been closing the program by saying what soup his wife his stirring for him and will have waiting hot and ready to ladle when he arrives home.

Wallace: Last week, more than 20,000 of you clicked on the recipe from my wife Lorraine’s book, “Mr. Sunday’s Soups.” And if you go to, you’ll see the soup of today is ancho pork and hominy. If you never heard of it, it’s delicious, and she’s making it for me right now.

That soup must have tasted really luscious this week after Wallace took a beating from panel member Brit Hume, who got all cranky over the wonky minutia of a CR (Continuing Resolution) concerning non-defense discretionary spending – definitely worthy of a passing pissing match between the two men. No soup for you Hume.

The new sloppy seconds soup feature is the result of Lorraine’s newly published book, Mr. Sunday’s Soups.

Memo to White House Soup of the DayYou cannot let Lorraine’s soup show you up. It’s embarrassing.