Watch Out for Strangers

gulfv.jpgWe haven’t really been following the international intrigue-laced investigation into Riggs Bank here in D.C., but the Post’s story today managed to bury some nuggets about the life of some fancy-schmancy television personalities in its expose on the Riggs corporate jet. The gist of the story is whether Riggs exec Joe Allbritton overused the jet for personal trips and junkets.

Today’s article says that the jet was used to ferry ABC News correspondents Barbara Walters and Diane Sawyer from the Big Apple down to D.C. to be Allbritton’s guests for the annual Alfalfa Dinner. More amusing, though, is that Allbritton and his wife ran into NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell (she of Alan Greenspan fame) in LaGuardia and invited her to fly back to D.C. with them, thereby saving her the indignity of flying on the Delta Shuttle. She described the Allbrittons’ offer as “sociable and neighborly”:

“Barbara said, ‘We’re flying back to D.C., would you like to go with us?’ ” recalled Mitchell, whose husband, Alan Greenspan, is chairman of the Federal Reserve, which regulates Riggs’s holding company. She said she knows the Allbrittons socially. “I thought it was their personal airplane. Only later when this whole thing came up did I learn that it was a corporate aircraft. I’m usually very careful about those things.”

Yes, Andrea, that’s a good life lesson for all you young people out there: Never get in a private jet with a stranger. Make sure that they know the special code word you’ve worked out with your parents…