WATCH: Kim Kardashian PSA About the Armenian Genocide

Reality TV superstar Kim Kardashian filmed a public service announcement about the Armenian genocide for the city of Glendale’s official commemoration of the tragedy. During the genocide, which lasted from 1915-1923, 1.5 million Armenians were killed. Watching Kardashian struggle to read the cue cards is a little tedious, but it’s still a worthy history lesson.

Kardashian, who is of Armenian descent, recently made headlines when she mentioned on sister Khloe’s reality TV show that she’d like to run for mayor of Glendale. She’s got our vote.

From the Glendale News Press:

Kardashian does not specifically refer to Glendale, but city officials told the Glendale News-Press it was sent in for the official genocide commemoration at the Alex Theatre last week. It was never aired, however, due to technical difficulties.

She had been invited to attend personally, but was out of state.

Councilman Ara Najarian — who publicly invited Kardashian to be his honorary chief of staff to learn more about Glendale politics — said that if she had attended, “It would have been a little more exciting.”