WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Interviews Ev Williams and Biz Stone

Only a late-night talk show could start an interview with the co-founders of Twitter by getting into some of the company’s history, and end with Rain Wilson agreeing to play Biz Stone in “The Twitter Movie”.

Jimmy Fallon has been a high-profile celebrity Twitter user since he launched his new late night show, so it only stands to reason that he’d eventually bring Twitter co-founders Ev Williams and Biz Stone on for a chat.

You can watch last night’s interview segment of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on NBC below:

It seems like a lot of interviewers ask about the origin of the name “Twitter” – poor Stone had to explain this story just a day earlier to Wolf Blitzer.

Fallon’s follow-up question was a bit more interesting, asking the pair how Tweets got their name. They said that it was a product of the community, and that users had dubbed messages on Twitter “Tweets” before they had come up with a solid name. Considering that they were thinking of calling them “Statuses” or “Twitters”, we think “Tweets” was a good name for the company to eventually get behind.

The interview went on to show Stone and Williams’ responses to Fallon’s “awwhellno” trend that he created during the previous night’s show. While Stone’s “awwhellno” moment was a lady eating out of the salad bar at a grocery store, Ev’s got more laughs:

“@jimmyfallon plays me in the Twitter movie? #awwhellno”

In the end, Fallon got Williams to agree that it actually would be pretty cool if he played Williams in The Twitter Movie, and they even came to the consensus that Fallon’s other guest of the evening, Rainn Wilson, would make a great Stone.

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