WATCH: Hillary Clinton Wants ‘a New Relationship’ with Reporters

She's pretty good at this.


We can officially stop repeating the obviously false rumor that “The Media” and all its members love Hillary Clinton.

The former Secretary of State, who has been extremely coy about the controversy regarding her email habits and her plans to run (or not run) for president next year, used a rare public appearance at a ceremony to honor a journalist last night to joke about her poor relationship with journalists.

She’s pretty good at this, and her jokes about “a new relationship” are at least partly serious:

Who said public figures can’t complain about coverage?

Clinton went on to address the real reason for her appearance: it was to honor Robin Toner, the first female national political correspondent for The New York Times, who died in 2008.

“Mostly I am here because I really admired Robin, I admired her approach toward covering the events that I was involved in, directly, starting in the 1992 presidential campaign…”

She then criticized the state of journalism today:

“Too many of our most important debates occur in what I call an evidence-free zone, ideology trumping facts, made-for-cable shout-fests, twitter storms, drowning out substantive dialogue and reporting that often leads to shallower more contentious politics and even no or not the best public policy.”

Finally, Clinton gave a shout-out to Toner’s daughter, a high school journalist in training who might “Meerkat us at any moment,” before challenging attendees:

“We need, more than ever, smart, fair-minded journalists to challenge our assumptions, push us toward new solutions and hold all of us accountable.”

Given her response to recent headlines, we wonder whether she includes herself among the “us” in that statement.

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