Watch Hillary Clinton Take Down Trump Without Stooping to His Level

"I just don't understand what he thinks is the role of somebody running for president. "

The challenge, if you’re a presidential candidate seeking to engage in a takedown of Trump, is that you don’t want to go on the attack from the same primordial pit from which Donald Trump hurls his invective.

In an appearance today on ABC’s The View, Hillary Clinton was faced with just that challenge when co-host Joy Behar asked the candidate, “What do you think will happen to women…if Trump wins, god forbid?”

Clinton achieved this feat through summarization, providing a two-minute history of how Trump has “insulted everybody” and “demeaned everybody.” His record is insult enough. Of course, Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who has been subjected to multiple Trump slams, comes up in this list, receiving a bonus shout out from Clinton.

You know, he started, on his very first day, saying that all Mexican immigrants were rapists and criminals, right? And then he moved on to attack people with disabilities. He attacked John McCain, who’s a friend of mine, and said he wasn’t really a war hero…and then, of course, going after American Muslims and really drawing these lines. And his attitude about, and what he has said about so many women, the way he treated Megyn Kelly, who is a suburb journalist, right?

I just don’t understand what he thinks is the role of somebody running for president. I don’t think it is to scapegoat people, divide people, engage in this kind of prejudice and paranoia.

And so, it’s not only women, and we, who should be concerned, it’s everybody, cause of the way that he conducts himself.

“I don’t think the vast majority of Americans, let’s hope, want to reward that kind of behavior, and that sort of hateful rhetoric,” she concludes.

Watch the full clip below.