Watch Gameview’s Riz Virk Defend Tap Fish on Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show

Update: Virk posted a rebuttal to the segment here.

Gameview Studios co-founder Riz Virk was brave enough to take an interview from Aasif Mandvi of The Daily Show about his game Tap Fish, which has been the top-grossing game on Android through the fall. According to the segment, Gameview, which was acquired by DeNA last year, is making $1 million a month.

Unsurprisingly, Mandvi goes straight for the jugular, ribbing the company for in-app purchases that sometimes result in unexpectedly high credit card bills for parents who give their children their iTunes passwords.

Mandvi asks, “You provide a product. The first one is free and then as they get more accustomed to your product, the price rises.”


“So you’re a drug dealer?”

“No… we’re not a drug dealer. We’ve had many parents e-mail us telling us this game is teaching their kids responsibility.”

Right after that, Mandvi puts Virk on with an angry parent who berates the company. However, the show leaves out the part about how the parent was refunded. On top of that, developers usually have to pay their 30 percent revenue share to Apple even if the full amount is refunded to the customer. So unintentional purchases of virtual currency sometimes end up costing developers, not parents, if they push for refunds from Apple.