Watch full-length NBC shows on your cell phone

MocoNews is reporting that MobiTV will soon offer full-length NBC shows on cell phones on demand. The shows will cost $1.99 and up, and you’ll have 24 hours (or possibly more, depending on how the carriers feel about it) to watch them.

Some of the listed shows include Battlestar Galactica, The Office, and Heroes, as well as some ad-supported free shows already in MobiTV’s arsenal, including Friday Night Lights and some programming from Spanish producer Telemundo.

This will be a great way to see if people really want to watch full-length shows on their cell phones. MobiTV is a streamed service that works on today’s handsets, not a broadcast service that you’d need to replace your cell phone for.

MobiTV To Offer Full-Length Primetime NBC Programs On Demand [MocoNews]