Watch Family Movies on SpiritClips from Hallmark App

Looking for something wholesome to watch with your family over the holiday weekend?

Check out SpiritClips from Hallmark, a movie streaming app that is similar to Netflix, but features only family-friendly content. The app includes Hallmark Hall of Fame movies, Hollywood classics, as well as original documentaries. The app has no R-rated movies and no films that contain political agendas, irreverence or excessive violence, nudity and language.

The app is available online, as well as on stream-to-tv devices such as the Roku box and Google TV. There is also an iOS app edition. The app will be updated on July 11th with an upgraded user interface and new search functions, as well as with new content. The service costs $4.99 a month, or $35.99 a year. You can sign up for a free week to try it out. Follow this link to download the iOS version.