Watch a lot of Netflix Video on your iPad? Still Get DVDs Too? Prepare for a Price Hike

Do you watch a lot of Netflix streaming video on your iPad or smartphone? That is certainly what I do. Did you stay with the $9.99 per month Netflix plan that let you have unlimited video streaming and unlimited DVDs (one at a time) even after Netflix starting offering a streaming-only plan for $7.99? I did even though I never request DVD discs. Well, if you did what I did, you have a decision to make before September 1 because Netflix changed the rules again.

Netflix Introduces New Plans and Announces Price Changes

Starting in September, you can choose a $7.99 per month DVD-only plan or video streaming-only plan. If you want both video streaming and DVDs, the new price will be $15.98 per month. One way to look at this is people like me will be forced to choose either a $2 per month price drop (from $10 to $8 per month) or a $6 per month increase (from $10 to $16).

The downside for video streaming users is that a large portion of Netflix’s DVD library is not available for streaming. There’s also the problem of streaming licensing issues that caused events like Showtime’s Dexter to be pulled from the streaming catalog at the end of June.