Washington’s ‘Powerful’ Club

GQ released it’s “50 Most Powerful People in Washington” list today.

Journalists who made the list include NBC Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd (#19). They write, “Through sheer ubiquity alone, Todd might be the most important political journalist working today. Throw in the fact that he’s widely liked, not at all flashy, and smart as hell, and it’s no contest.” The burnt orange hued background on his picture is the least offensive among the backdrops, but it still turns your stomach a little. UPDATE: Todd remarked to FBDC, “I’m feeling a tad self-conscious about my wardrobe. Not sure I could get into GQ for how I dress.” WaPo‘s wonky and obviously stylish Democratic strategist Ezra Klein rolls in at #34. “…[the] not-yet-30-year-old has become a singular journalistic force.” Congratulations Ezzy! We don’t care for the ugly canary yellow backdrop they placed you in, but life goes on. At #38 is WaPo‘s Capital Weather Gang a group of 15 meteorologists/weather geeks. Politico‘s Mike Allen slips in at #40. After dunking his mug in a funky neon green background, they say Playbook is what most people read before they roll out of bed but insist the field of morning newsletters is getting awfully crowded out there. Finally, at #45 is syndicated conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer.

See the full power list here. WaPo‘s “The Reliable Source” wrote up a broader item on this list this morning that included politicians, a chef and event planners Jayne Sandman and Barbara Martin.