Washingtonpost.com Wins Eppys

Washingtonpost.com picked up three Eppy awards at the Interactive Media Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas: Best Overall Newspaper-Affiliated site, Best Internet Classified Service (for their Cars section) and Best Internet Community Service Effort (for their database of congressional votes going back to 1991…no word if their astrology component helped sway the judges).

Members of the Post.com family–Slate and newsweek.com–also won awards. Slate picked up the Best Internet News Service and newsweek.com won the Best National Magazine Affiliated Web Site.

Jim Brady wrote a staff memo following the ceremony:

    I just want to take the opportunity to thank the outstanding staff of washingtonpost.com for the tremendous job they’ve done, especially considering the workload they’ve been handling for the past few years. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve done and am very excited about some of the exciting things just down the road.

    Also, we’d like to thank all our friends at 15th and L for all you’ve done to make recognition like this possible. The support, cooperation and great ideas you provide us not only improve the site on a daily basis, but the example we’re setting for newsroom cooperation is the envy of many folks I have talked to at this conference.

Could this be the beginning of a beautiful Post/Post.com relationship? Maybe they’ve learned just to settle their grudges on the softball diamond.