WashingtonPost.com Loses Two Political Mavens

As we reported earlier, washingtonpost.com Assistant Managing Editor Russ Walker is leaving washingtonpost.com to become the executive editor of Grist.org.

Jim Brady, Liz Spayd and Ju-Don Roberts said farewell to him in a staff email this week:

    This is a well-deserved bump up to top dog for Russ. He’s been one of this newsroom’s leaders for many years, and has always been willing to do what it takes to produce innovative web journalism, whether that was work insane hours, hire the best and the brightest or fight for the resources he felt he needed. He’s also always carried with him a keen sense of humor and a mentality that keeps working problems until they’re resolved.

In another loss for the website (especially so close to the conventions), we’ve also learned that washingtonpost.com politics editor Jason Manning is heading out west, where he’ll become the Director of Student Media at Arizona State University.