washingtonpost.com Looks Towards 3.0

From The Guardian:

    The Washington Post plans a major relaunch of its website next spring as the newspaper looks to tap into mobile and develop “web 3.0” engagement with readers.

    Caroline Little, chief executive and publisher of Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, outlined to the Association of Online Publishers conference today a range of plans for the company’s websites to better target US and international audiences.

    Provided “web 3.0” tools and developing widgets – devices tailored for website – were two strategies that Ms Little prioritised.

    The company wants to provide Washingtonpost.com readers with “web 3.0” tools that allow them to talk to each other.

    She outlined a service called Pluck, a piece of technology that allows discussion groups to form around ideas or topics that columnists seed online.

    One type of widget that Washington Post wants to develop is a political compass – to enable users to see where they fit on the political spectrum – on Facebook.