Washingtonian’s Garrett Graff Thinks You’re a Moron

While news outlets around the country raced to gather information on the story of Commerce Secretary John Bryson on Monday, Garrett Graff, editor-in-chief of Washingtonian, took the time to devolve the conversation and treat you like a dumb child. His piece, condescendingly titled “John Bryson Isn’t the Only Cabinet Member You Don’t Know”, claims that “most Washingtonians” didn’t even know that Bryson was Secretary of Commerce. GG, this is Washington, D.C. It’s filled with smartypants people with a slew of degrees whose job relies on them knowing who important people are. We hope that this city knows who the Commerce Secretary is.

So, what about these other Cabinet secretaries that the Harvard-bred Graff claims “most Washingtonians” don’t know? He starts with Ray LaHood, the Secretary of Transportation. It’s not enough that this guy is a former Congressman, but he’s the most prominent Republican in the Obama White House. He sticks out like a sore thumb.

Who else makes this list of no-names? Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack. The man is the former Governor of Iowa and a former Presidential candidate. He might not be making waves every day, but he’s hardly a nobody. Graff even points out that Vilsack had a moment in the sun when he wrongfully terminated Shirley Sherrod. Again, the bigger point is that Washingtonians eat, sleep and breathe this crap. Cabinet members are heavy hitters, so most people recognize their names.

Possibly the most frightening inclusion on this list is Attorney General Eric Holder. The man’s name is on the lips of every conservative pundit for his role in the “Fast and Furious” program from the Department of Justice. He’s facing a contempt vote in the House. Any news outlet worth a damn is reporting on this story and Graff thinks that “most Washingtonians” don’t know him? Really? Maybe Graff doesn’t know who these Cabinet members are. Then again, you could fill an ocean with shit he doesn’t know. Maybe Washingtonian should stick to telling us where to find Cheap Eats and giving us fluffy profile pieces on FLOTUS and POTUS — whatever their names are.

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