Washingtonian Studies WaPo’s Trump Coverage

The Trumpsistential crisis continues.

It was an opportune moment for Washingtonian’s Benjamin Freed to take a look at just how much Donald Trump coverage The Washington Post can bear.

Freed’s piece arrives the day after The Washington Post editorial board met with Donald Trump, an event which unavoidably makes the Post part of the story already.

While Freed crunched some quick digital numbers for March to come up with a daily Trump average of 92 articles, the meat of his piece counts and describes all of the Post’s print pieces on Trump for today. It was, in many ways, a microcosm of all Trump coverage, a collection that highlighted the deep qualitative differences in Trump pieces, from Trump’s place within the horserace, to the paparazzi-like obsession with documenting every handshake, meeting, utterance, to well-thought-out critiques.

But when the sheer volume of Trump coverage overwhelms the nature of content itself, then even critical, illuminating content fails to persuade (or dissuade) or contribute to a public shift in perception, as least as it plays out at the polls.

It’s hard to notice the special snowflakes when caught in Trump blizzard.