Washingtonian Goes MIA During Storm Coverage

A scan of local Washington pubs finds that some were more helpful than others during and after this weekend’s deadly storm.

That would be an understatement where Washingtonian was concerned. The magazine went AWOL over the weekend and didn’t cover the storm at all. Editor Garrett Graff (a.k.a. Thurston Howell) did not so much as utter a tweet on it.

WCP barely covered it, but at least Managing Editor Mike Madden posted something on Pepco at the top of the site. Even TBD, while operating with a bare bones staff ever since its Titanic type demise, seriously stepped up to the plate. A sample TBD tweet: “If you need to report an outage in your area, here are the numbers you need to call.” TWT, Politico, WaPo — most everyone relentlessly covered the storm.

“Washingtonian dropped the ball on this one,” said one local reporter. “Their monthly magazine is typically a bit behind the times, but to have no helpful information on the website to help local citizens navigate this weekend reminds that they’re not a top local destination to turn to. Cathy should reassess the publication’s leadership.” (Cathy Merrill Williams is Washingtonian‘s Publisher.)

So just what was on Washingtonian‘s website over the weekend? Popsicles, baby animals, napping, vodka-infused melon for July 4th and more.


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